What is Smile Aesthetics?

Having a Beautiful and Aesthetic Smile?

In addition to helping us eat, our teeth play a big role in our smiles in terms of aesthetics. Deformities and stains on the teeth affect us negatively in daily life. According to researches, people who trust their dental structure and smiles are more successful and happier.

Smile Aesthetics

Which Procedures are Applied to Teeth to Achieve a Beautiful Smile?

With a beautiful aesthetic posture tooth; It should be complete, white. The gums and tooth surface should look clean. It should not be crooked, in such cases, orthodontic wire treatment should be applied.

How to Eliminate Jaw Disorders that Disrupt Smile Aesthetics?

Genetically, people may have jaw joint disorders. These disorders may impair smile aesthetics but can be treated. If jaw development has regressed or increased in the vertical direction, expression may also be impaired. It is a great advantage to have not completed the developmental age to eliminate these problems. It can be corrected with orthopedic treatment. In some disorders in the jaw, surgical procedure may be absolutely necessary.

What Procedures are Applied in Surgical Interventions?

Before the surgical procedure, braces treatment is applied to people who have reached the age of 20. Teeth are planned according to the order they should be. Afterwards, the position of the jaws is corrected by specialist surgeons under general anesthesia. With new advancing technologies and techniques, very successful and healthy, aesthetic smiles are achieved.

Before Smile Design and Applied Treatments?

Before smile design, the patient’s oral health is taken into consideration. Suitability for treatment is observed. The tooth form is examined. After these observations, treatment is performed according to the mouth and jaw structure of the person. In treatments; Main treatments such as lingual treatment, transparent plaque, metal wire, porcelain wire, palate are applied.

Personalized Smile Types?

There are generally used and highly preferred smile types. These are as follows:

Attractive Aesthetic Smile: The preferred treatment for this smile is to make the front teeth more prominent. This change will give you a younger and more attractive smile.

Intellectual Smile: By bringing the teeth to the same level, it gives the person a more mature smile.

Sporty Smile: In this smile, it is achieved by designing the middle incisors longer than the incisors on the sides.

How is Smile Design Made and What are the Treatment Stages?

While designing a smile, the person’s mouth and teeth are photographed and tooth measurements are taken. Smile design is realized by listening to the patient’s wishes and complaints. It is prepared with the approval of the person and aesthetic procedures are performed permanently within 10 days.

Advantages After Smile Design?

  • More natural looking teeth that fit the face jaw are obtained.
  • The colors of the teeth become clearer.
  • Gums gain a healthier appearance.
  • Beautiful shining teeth and smile are achieved.
  • Fractures in the teeth are corrected.