What is porcelain makeup?

porcelain makeup

Porcelain make-up has become very popular among the make-up trends of the last period. This make-up concept, which brings the skin to a form that goes beyond smoothness, was previously primarily used in night combinations. But recently, the porcelain make-up trend has been included in our daily life with the increase in products that do not compromise their natural stance while perfecting the skin. I’m glad it did! Thus, we brought perfection to every moment of life!

Of course, achieving this magnificent skin form takes a little effort. Applying materials suitable for porcelain makeup with makeup techniques is essential. Otherwise, achieving the skin posture of your dreams is impossible. In this article, we explained the secrets of porcelain makeup. You can continue reading our article for all the details, from the features make-up materials should carry to the application steps!

What is porcelain makeup?

Porcelain make-up is a make-up style that allows you to bring the skin to the smoothest possible form. This make-up, which is especially preferred to bring imperfect, pimply and blemished skin together in the same tone and to cover the roughness of the skin, is indispensable for special nights. You can make your mark on the night with porcelain make-up in environments such as weddings, graduations and invitations where spotlights reveal the skin.

In addition, you can also choose porcelain make-up on the days you will participate in a photo shoot or when you wish your make-up to stay with you all day long and never spoil.

What are porcelain make-up materials?

porcelain make-up materials

It is essential to choose suitable materials for porcelain makeup. Especially in the skin makeup steps, each product must have a high coverage rate. In addition, another vital parameter for porcelain makeup material is permanence. Products not meeting these two criteria are unsuitable for porcelain makeup application.

Now let’s take a look at what porcelain make-up products are. First of all, let’s list the materials you need for your skin makeup:

  • A make-up base suitable for your skin type
  • A lasting and concealing foundation
  • 1 – 2 shades lighter than your skin colour concealer
  • Transparent powder
  • A light-toned blush

You can use these materials for porcelain makeup that you will apply daily and at night. To the list for night combinations:

  • Far base,
  • Black eyeliner,
  • A mascara that fills the eyelashes,
  • You can add matte lipstick in colour suitable for your combination.

How to make porcelain make-up step by step

How to make porcelain make-up

Porcelain makeup prices can be very high in beauty salons. In addition, not every beauty parlour can bring your skin to the form you dream of. For this reason, you may prefer to do your make-up yourself. Thus, you can experience the touch of smooth skin at any time. Do you want to learn how to make porcelain makeup with the most accurate techniques?

Here are the application steps of porcelain makeup that take the skin to the next level:

  • First, you need to prepare your skin for make-up. But at this stage, you should be a little more meticulous than usual. First, you must completely clean the pores and dead tissue accumulated on the skin by peeling your face. Then you can continue with routine skin care.
  • If you have completed your skincare, you can proceed to the make-up base stage. At this point, choosing a base with a pore-closing effect is beneficial. Thus, you can prevent roughness on the skin from the very beginning.
  • Let’s come to the foundation stage. At this point, you should choose a liquid product with a matte finish. As a porcelain make-up foundation, you can combine your skin in a single tone with a vegan foundation with a high coverage rate that offers you professional make-up application. Applying the product with a foundation brush can get a flawless finish.
  • If you have bruises under the eyes or want to make your eye area look a little brighter, you should continue with concealer; you can easily use the liquid concealer product. After completing the concealer and foundation steps, you can proceed to the stage of fixing the makeup. At this point, you can use a matte finish and transparent powder to achieve a stable stance without discolouration on the skin. You can make the final touches to your make-up.
  • You can emphasise the points you want to reveal on your skin with a blush in peach tones.

How are porcelain makeup models applied to the eyes and lips?

porcelain makeup models

We have learnt how to carry the porcelain makeup effect to the skin. Now let’s continue with the elements that will complement the skin make-up.

  • You should start eye makeup with an eye shadow base, just like on the skin.
  • Then you need to continue with the eyeshadow application. Here, you can first create a base with a nĂ¼de-toned eyeshadow. Afterwards, you should choose the colour according to the point you want to emphasise on your face. You can apply misty eyeshadow with slightly darker tones if you highlight your eyes. If you plan to highlight your lips, you should prefer lighter shades in your eyes.
  • You must complete your eye makeup with an eyeliner line suitable for your eye shape and full eyelashes. At this point, you can choose black eyeliner with high pigmentation. You can get the look you want with make-up materials that offer all-day permanence with its water-resistant formula.
  • If you wish, you can plump your eyelashes with a mascara that creates an eyelash-lifting effect. You can also use false eyelashes if you want to. But it would help if you did not neglect to go over your false eyelashes with mascara.
  • It’s time for the lips. You must colour your lips with long-lasting, matte lipstick in porcelain makeup. At this point, you should choose a colour according to your emphasis. If your lips are at the forefront, you can turn to dark tones such as burgundy. If your eyes are in the foreground, you should choose nude colours. Various make-up materials caress the lips with their velvet texture while moving your lips and adapt to every combination with 24 different colour options.

How to remove porcelain makeup?

Since the products used in porcelain make-up applications are highly permanent, it is necessary to be more meticulous and attentive when cleaning.

  • You should choose products with high purifying properties during the make-up removal phase.
  • You can use oil-based make-up removers for water-resistant eyeliner, mascara and lipsticks.
  • You can use the cleansing products you will pour on a clean cotton ball until your skin is purified.
  • You should be gentle on your skin during the cleaning phase. It would help if you avoided rough movements. Otherwise, skin irritation may occur.
  • After removing make-up, wash your face with plenty of water. Then you can eliminate the last makeup residues on the skin with tonic.
  • You can apply your skincare routine after cleansing. If you wish, you can only nourish your skin with moisturiser.

Here are the steps for applying porcelain makeup. As you can see, it’s nothing you can’t do at home! As long as you want and collect suitable materials. At this point, if you are considering where to buy porcelain make-up materials, you can create a porcelain make-up set by choosing the appropriate products from NYX Cosmetics collections.

You can apply this notable make-up trend that will bring you together with a fascinating skin posture at any time, and you can enjoy life with the feeling of self-confidence of looking perfect!

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