Why Do Forehead Lines Occur and How Do They Go Away?

No matter how deep the forehead lines are, it is possible to remove them to a great extent, but the earlier the intervention, the better results we can get.

Forehead Lines

Even when you do not mimic or raise your eyebrows, not waiting for the forehead lines to become visible provides a great advantage in terms of getting rid of forehead wrinkles with simple applications.

It is much easier to remove expression lines that have not yet settled and prevents sagging skin, eyebrows and eyelids from falling down in the long term.

With Botox and regular skin care, preventing the formation of forehead lines and/or getting rid of existing forehead lines without going under the knife allows us to achieve younger looks and a dynamic facial expression.

A smooth and luminous forehead suits every woman, adding beauty to her beauty and shining her light…

When do forehead lines appear?

 forehead lines appear

It usually starts to form in the thirties, but it is sometimes possible to encounter forehead wrinkles at a young age due to the use of facial expressions.

The horizontal forehead lines that run parallel to each other above the eyebrows are usually noticed in the mirror one morning, just as they begin to become established lines. However, hundreds of times during the day, when you raise your eyebrows, when you are surprised by something or when you frown, these lines are formed and erased, but you cannot see them, until they become visible when you no longer make facial expressions…

Therefore, forehead lines create a strong aesthetic concern and effect as a “sign of aging”.

Why Do Forehead Lines Occur?

Forehead Lines Occur

The answer to this question is important for a more accurate understanding of how the medical aesthetic applications applied to eliminate forehead wrinkles work. For example, Botox is an effective and successful procedure that we use most frequently in the treatment of forehead wrinkles because most of the forehead wrinkles are caused by the use of facial expressions…

Forehead Lines Due to Mimic Use

Forehead lines, just like laugh lines and the line between the eyebrows, are in the group of wrinkles that occur mostly due to mimic use.

The eyes, the muscles around the eyes and the forehead muscles are the most intensely used mimicry area for the transmission of emotions and thoughts at all times when we are in communication. Some people have more of this tendency, so they start to develop forehead lines at an early age…

Forehead Lines Due to Aging

While the lines formed due to the use of mimicry in youth return to their former state when the mimic is released due to the strong elasticity of the skin, they gradually become permanent due to collagen loss and weakening of elastin bonds with aging.

Genetic Factors

Forehead lines are often observed in men at a younger age, are more common and deepen early on. This is due to the fact that in men, due to gender genetics, the skin in the forehead area is thicker and structurally more prone to wrinkling.

Forehead lines, which were ignored in previous years because they were thought to give a strong and masculine expression, are also unwanted wrinkles among men.

Likewise, in women, the genetic makeup of the skin is one of the influential factors in the formation of forehead lines.

How Do Forehead Lines Go Away?

Do forehead lines go away, of course they do. How forehead lines pass, there are many different methods. You can say goodbye to forehead lines thanks to forehead lift surgeries and non-surgical skin lift and rejuvenation applications that we perform within the scope of medical aesthetics.

Forehead Botox

Botox, which we frequently use especially in the removal of wrinkles in the initial stage, is the most effective and most effective application in the removal of wrinkles caused by mimic use. Since forehead wrinkles are largely caused by the use of facial expressions, it is possible to achieve great results with botox on forehead lines.

Suitable for women and men of all ages, forehead botox blocks the built-in facial expressions that cause lines on the forehead. Thus, the strengthened and contracted muscles relax and the tissues under the skin are reshaped and the forehead lines disappear over time.

How is Forehead Botox Performed?

The depth of wrinkles is evaluated with aesthetic examination before forehead botox. The intensity of botox application is decided in line with the patient’s aesthetic expectation.

After the forehead area is sterilized before Botox, anesthetic cream is applied to make the procedure painless. Then, Botulinum Toxin is injected into the determined points with fine-tipped needles so that the forehead lines remain free.

Forehead botox can be performed alone or combined with the forehead and eye area, which we call Full Botox, allows us to achieve more aesthetically pleasing results.

Forehead Botox Prices

Forehead botox prices vary according to clinical experience, service quality, the amount and depth of application and the material used.

Forehead Filling

In cases where forehead lines are very deep and botox is insufficient, low amounts of forehead fillers are used to create a smoother forehead. Forehead botox is applied in combination with forehead fillers.

Forehead filling is an alternative method for people who do not want to block their facial expressions with botox in mild wrinkles. Fine wrinkles are erased thanks to Hyaluronic acid filling, which provides intense moisturizing.

Forehead filling should be applied with a fine workmanship and aesthetic planning so as not to create an unaesthetic volumetric growth or fullness in the forehead. Otherwise, unpleasant images may appear.

What is Forehead Augmentation and How Is It Done?

Dermal fillers, which we call soft tissue fillers, are used in forehead filling. Before the application, the forehead area is numbed with anesthetic cream and made ready for the procedure. Then, forehead lines are filled with hyaluronic acid-based filler.

Is Forehead Filler Permanent?

Forehead fillers are also included in the category of temporary fillers such as lip fillers and nasal fillers, so they dissolve and disappear after a certain period of time. Forehead filling is permanent for an average of 12-18 months. Combination with Botox supports the duration of use of the filler, strong facial expressions may cause the filler to melt early.

Non-Surgical Forehead Lift

Those who do not prefer Botox or fillers can benefit from non-surgical forehead lift applications. At the same time, in order to achieve the best results in mature skin, device skin lifting and rejuvenation applications are used in combination with fillers and botox.

New generation non-surgical facelift systems that provide anti-aging protection are treatments that we safely apply to women and men of all ages depending on the depth of the forehead lines.

To list some of the most successful facelift and skin rejuvenation systems we use to remove forehead lines:

  • HIFU
  • Satin Stretch
  • Baby Face Beauty

Forehead Rejuvenation with Mesotherapy and Youth Grafts

Loss of moisture and collagen deficiency due to aging and environmental conditions cause the skin to wrinkle more easily and mimic wrinkles to settle effectively.

Forehead lines appear and gradually deepen due to the use of facial expressions and the effects of aging. Thanks to mesotherapy applications that nourish and deeply moisturize the subcutaneous skin, it is possible to erase fine wrinkles, lighten deep wrinkles and prevent forehead wrinkles from forming.

Forehead Botox Prices

Forehead Lift Surgery

In older people and/or deep wrinkles, depending on the preference of the person, forehead lift surgeries within the scope of aesthetic surgery are another way to eliminate forehead lines, but simple and effortless medical aesthetic applications such as non-surgical forehead lift applications and removal of forehead wrinkles with botox are generally more preferred.