2022 Bridal Make-up Trends

How Should Bridal Make-up Be? 2022 Bridal Make-up Trends

2022 Bridal Make-up Trends

One of the most memorable days a woman can experience in her life is her wedding day. Every woman wants to look gorgeous on her wedding day and wants everything to be perfect, from her wedding dress to her hair, from her shoes to her make-up. Bridal make-up is one of the essential details that complement the wedding dress. If you are not going to have your bridal make-up done by a professional make-up artist, you need to learn “How to do bridal make-up?”. Depending on the style of the wedding dress you choose, you can select simple bridal make-up or assertive bridal make-up. After learning about bridal make-up techniques, you can make make-up in style you wish on your wedding day. If you do your make-up yourself, you should not have any missing materials, and use quality products. A little tip for you: For the bridal make-up you will do, you can talk to your future wife to buy and put the make-up products you want in advance in the bridal make-up set in the engagement bundle.

Is a Bridal Make-up Rehearsal Necessary?

Bridal Make-up Rehearsal Necessary

The most beautiful bridal makeup is the makeup that makes the bride the happiest. Regardless of your style and taste, you should rehearse your bridal make-up, which you will carry with pleasure on this special day and make you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world before the wedding. If you try everything from your false eyelashes to the eyeshadow and lipstick colours you will use, you will see whether you will be comfortable with your bridal makeup all day long. You can also test the make-up’s permanence; if a product does not meet your expectations, you can change it. A little advice: Do not copy make-up that is not your style or that you have seen and liked on someone else. Everyone’s eye and face structure are different. Make-up that looks perfect on one person may not suit someone else. Your bridal make-up should be entirely by your face structure and style and emphasise that you’re a natural beauty.

10 Steps How to Make Natural Bridal Make-up?

How to Make Natural Bridal Make-up

1- If you have chosen a simple wedding dress and want to keep your make-up simple, you can do bridal make-up in earth tones. Unlike the light makeup you do daily, this natural bridal makeup will last longer, and your looks will look more beautiful if you wear false eyelashes. After cleansing and moisturising your skin, you can use a luminous foundation base to make the foundation last longer before proceeding to skin makeup. The bridal make-up you will apply early in the day should last until late at night. Therefore, you should not skip the base (primer) application.

2- After applying the base, you can start skin makeup with a foundation that matches your skin colour and has high coverage. You can choose a matte finish foundation if the wedding is in an indoor area such as a hotel or restaurant. But if it will be outdoors, on a boat or at a countryside wedding, a wet finish foundation fits the atmosphere of the marriage better. Generally, brides prefer matte finish foundations in autumn and winter and soggy ones in spring and summer. But of course, the rules are breaking; this is your special day, and you should do whatever make-up you want. You can apply extra concealer to the scars and under the eyes where the foundation is insufficient to cover.

3- After the foundation application, it’s time for the contour application… The primary purpose of contouring is to return the face shape to the oval, considered the ideal face shape, regardless of your face shape. So stand in front of the mirror and imagine that there is an oval around your face and shade everything outside this oval. The contour application of each face shape is different, but you can apply contour under your cheekbones, on your jawline, on the area where your forehead and hair roots meet and on your nose. The contour colour should be 1-2 shades darker than the foundation. We are sure you will find the right shade among the four contour shades in the Highlight & Contour Pro palette! Then apply a concealer in the shade lighter than your foundation under your eyes, in the centre of your forehead, chin and nose. With the help of a contour brush or sponge, distribute all this shading well and fix it with a transparent powder.

4- You can use earth and peach tones, light greys and pastel shades of any colour in your eye makeup. Before starting your eye makeup, use an eye shadow base to make your eye shadow last longer and make the colours look more vivid. Your natural bridal makeup should be simple but elegant. After applying a matte shadow to the folding area, you can use a shimmery shadow on your eyelids. After applying brown eyeliner to the bottom of the lower eyelashes and distributing it with a brush, go over the pencil with the eye shadow you use in the folding area. To give depth to your gaze, do not neglect to illuminate the eyebrow bone and the eye fountains with a light-coloured eye shadow.

5- For more intense eye makeup, you can distribute the brown or black eyeliner you will apply to the base of the eyelashes with an eye shadow brush, or you can draw a black eyeliner. Whether the eyeliner is tailed or tailless depends entirely on your eye structure. If you have lower eyelids, you may not use a tailed eyeliner because even though it is water-resistant, your eye makeup may deteriorate as it will stay on your face for 10-12 hours.

6- After the eyeshadow application is finished, curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler and apply a water-resistant mascara in two layers. Don’t forget to apply mascara on your lower eyelashes. You can use false eyelashes to make your eyelashes look more intense and voluminous. After putting on your eyelashes and combing your eyebrows upwards, lightly fill them with an eyebrow pencil or a matte shadow. Fix your eyebrows with transparent or coloured eyebrow mascara.

7- Apply a cream or powder illuminator to your cheekbones, the tip of your nose and the centre of your chin and distribute it well. You should not skip this step to revitalise your make-up and add dimension to your face. There should be no glitter in the illuminant. Otherwise, your make-up will look unnatural. It will help if you prefer light illuminators that look wetter.

8- Apply blush in peach or pink tones with the help of a brush in the middle of your cheeks. Use cream blush to make it more permanent and natural.

9- After framing your lips with a lip pencil, fill your lips with a lip pencil. Thus, your lipstick becomes more permanent. Generally, matte lipsticks have a high permanence, but since lipsticks with a glossy finish and wet look are used in bridal make-up, you need to make the lipstick more permanent. You can apply lip gloss on the lipstick if you wish, but you may need to refresh it frequently because you will greet and kiss guests all day long.

10- Always fix your bridal makeup with a make-up fixing spray.  Here, making light bridal makeup is that easy.

How to Make Porcelain Bridal Make-up?

Porcelain Bridal Make-up

Technically, there is no such concept as “porcelain make-up” in the world of make-up literature. Still, make-up enthusiasts have found it appropriate to give this name to long-lasting make-up made with a foundation with high coverage and completed with intense eye makeup after contouring. Bridal make-up can be called porcelain make-up because after the bridal make-up is finished, the skin looks flawless, just like the skin of porcelain dolls, and both eyes and lips attract attention.

Bridal Make-up According to Eye Colour

There is no distinction between bridal make-up for white-skinned or brunettes bridal make-up. In any case, everyone should apply skin makeup suitable for their skin tone. Every make-up suits every skin tone as long as it is used correctly. There is no rule that “Brown-skinned brides should not wear red lipstick.” or “Wheat-skinned brides should not wear make-up in grey tones.” What you should pay attention to in bridal makeup is not your skin tone but your eye colour. If you have blue eyes, you should avoid blue and green eyeshadows. Eye makeup in warm tones such as golden yellow, burgundy, brown, bronze, and copper peach suits blue eyes very well. Any colour suits you if you have brown eyes, but bronze, copper, damson and brown tones are ideal. Brown, burgundy and purple tones fit green-eyed people the most. Hazel-eyed people can wear eye makeup in the earth, golden yellow, bronze, copper and green tones.

What are 2022 Bridal Make-up Trends?

Among the most trendy bridal make-up models of the year is the make-up technique called “no-makeup makeup”, which looks like it does not exist. We last saw the best example of this at Meghan Markle’s royal wedding. Other 2022 bridal makeup trends include natural and thick eyebrows, pink eyeshadow, dark lips, matte red lipsticks, metallic-coloured eyeshadows, and makeup applications such as framing the entire eye with black eyeliner.

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