What is Blusher?

What is Blusher that Raises the Energy of the Skin? Where and How to Apply?

Blush, one of the most colourful elements of make-up bags, is essential in terms of giving life to the face. Because blushes, which make colourful touches to the face with their high pigmentation, make the skin look much more vivid and dynamic. Especially on days when the skin becomes pale, it adds movement to the face and increases energy.

Of course, some points should be considered when using a blusher. The application steps according to the product type and the choice of colour suitable for the skin colour are essential for the blush to create the perfect effect. We have prepared this article for you to explain all the parameters we mentioned in detail. Thus, you will be able to learn the answers to basic questions, such as what blush means and the tricks for blush application.

What is Blusher?


Blush is colourful makeup. Lightly applied to the cheeks, this product makes the skin look more vibrant and moisturises the area used. It is named after giving the cheeks a “blush” stance. Because when you use this product on the face, a slight redness, “blush”, occurs.

This make-up material, which women have obtained for centuries by crushing colourful flowers and mixing them with natural oils, is now in a much more usable form. We can even say in several different forms. Because blusher, just like other make-up materials, has varieties. Let’s take a look at the types and properties of blusher:

  • Powder blush: Blushes in the form of powder we know. Also known as a powder blush. We can say that it is the most preferred type of blush.
  • Liquid blush: An innovative formula. It has become very popular recently. It comes in liquid form in a tiny bottle. It can be applied easily. It can be used either by hand or with a brush.
  • Gel blush: These products, which have a slightly dense consistency, must be applied quickly. Therefore, it is not preferred for dehydrated skin.
  • Pencil blusher: Pencil-shaped products are trendy because they can be used without assistance. However, applying this blush type to dry skin can be a bit challenging. 

What Does Blusher Do?

What Does Blusher

Of course, the most crucial task of blush is to colour the skin. Besides that:

  • The blush chosen in the right tone adds very fresh air to the skin.
  • It strengthens the effect of the contour process that resizes facial contours. Because it is possible to emphasise specific points of the face with blush.
  • Blushes used in bronzer style give the skin a warm aura.
  • Blushes containing shimmering pigments provide a natural shine to the skin.

Blush Recommendations Suitable for Skin Colour

The choice of colour is crucial for blush application. Of course, you can get an exaggerated look by using tones contrasting with the skin colour in costume makeup. This is all about the concept you want to create with your make-up. But in daily or night make-up, you should choose a tone compatible with your skin’s colour and texture. Otherwise, you may face a very artificial look.

So, how do we find the right blush colour for ourselves? The answer to this question is straightforward. Let’s put it this way: After doing sports, take a good look at yourself in the mirror. Examine the tone of your cheeks. This is the blush shade that will bring your skin to life!

As you can see, finding the right blush colour for you is not challenging and even quite fun. But now let’s talk in detail about the most suitable blush colours for your skin type in general:

  • Pink blush should be indispensable in the make-up bag of very fair-skinned people. Pastel pinks in soft tones are ideal for people with light skin colour. It should also be noted that white-skinned people should stay away from blushes containing coffee tones. Peach blush suits White-skinned people with yellow undertones. If you say I have white skin, but my skin tone is not too light, you can choose this colour.
  • Pink blushes with brown undertones are ideal for wheat skin. In addition, blooms in red tones can be used, provided they are not too intense. In addition, wheat-skinned people can also choose terracotta blush types to add warmth to their skin.
  • Vibrant pink shades are very suitable for dark-skinned women. Highly pigmented pink blushes with light sparkles look very natural. Dark brown and tile tones also harmonise perfectly with dark skin tones. Dore and gold tones can be used on special occasions.

Where to Apply Blusher?

Where to Apply Blusher

Let’s answer where to apply blusher first. Then let’s see which blush is used and how.

  • The blush is applied towards the hair roots from the cheeks’ centre. In this way, cheekbones are coloured.
  • Light blush can be applied to the roots of the hair to dimension the face and to achieve a fresher stance in general.
  • The nose tip can also be mobilised with a tiny touch of blush.

How to Apply Blusher?

How to Apply Blusher

We have found our colour; now we are ready for application. Now we can describe in detail how to apply which blush.

  • Blush is applied at the last stage of skin makeup. So you need to complete the foundation and concealer steps first. Choosing a foundation suitable for your skin type will help you perfect your skin and concealer tips. You can get detailed information about pre-blush applications by reviewing our articles.
  • You should follow the steps suitable for the form of the product you use in the blush application. But no matter what, the first thing you need to do is to apply the product little by little. Thus, you can achieve a natural stance instead of an exaggerated image.
  • What you need to do to apply the blush most perfectly is to smile big. In this way, you can apply blush on your prominent cheeks. You can highlight your cheeks by slightly highlighting your lips if you wish.
  • You should apply powder-formed blushes with a soft-tipped blush brush. Take some product on the tip of the meeting and blow gently. Then gently apply the product from your cheekbones and cheeks to your hair roots.
  • You can apply the pencil blush by moving slightly from your cheeks to your temples. You can use the blusen the cheek and distribute the product with your hand if you wish.
  • Liquid blushes can be applied both with fingertips and with a brush. Apply a few drops of the product to your cheek area. Then gently distribute it by making tampon movements with your fingertips. Or pour some of the product onto the tip of the blush brush. Then apply it to your skin with gentle movements.
  • Since gel blushes have a dense consistency, it may be difficult to apply with a brush. Therefore, you may prefer to use your fingertips. After taking some of the product on your skin, you can massage the blush onto your skin by rubbing your cheeks.

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