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7 Things Guys Find Extremely Attractive About Women

There are qualities in a woman that truly attract men like a magnet.

Have you ever wondered what you look like to men?

Many women think that especially women who meet the current standard of beauty go down well with men.

However, this is only partly true…

Because with the right qualities, which have nothing to do with looks, you’ll already turn most guys’ heads.

I’ll tell you what these 7 qualities are in this article.

Note: If you want to understand men better and learn how to win the heart of your dream man without having to pretend or play funny games, you should read this text….

  1. you are uncomplicated

Women who don’t weigh everything in the balance and can look at life with one eye laughing and one eye crying are extremely attractive to us men.

Accept his little weaknesses and don’t start complaining immediately.

Maybe make little jokes about it now and then to show him that you also see the humour in his scatterbrainedness.

Women who understand men know that sweet banter is pure gold when flirting. All the more reason to show him that you find his little faults endearing and are tolerant of them.

  1. you have good manners

It should go without saying, but from my own experience I have to list it separately here: Good manners and a pleasant demeanour are obligatory.


Don’t underestimate how much we guys pay attention to that.

Especially when we think about entering into a committed relationship with a woman.


Be kind – not only to him, but also to others!

No man wants a rude woman as a life partner, even less as the mother of his children. Yes, even men think about it.

Decent values are automatically conveyed through cultivated and respectful interaction with others.

However, if you are mostly brusque and demanding, he will think twice about making you a part of his life.

So be communicative, warm, helpful and understanding towards others. Say please and thank you.

And the more likely he is to think about how great it would be if he introduced you to his friends.

3. you have a sense of humour

Nothing is more attractive than a hearty, happy and honest laugh.

No, you don’t have to be the best joke teller in town. That’s not the point.

It’s about being relaxed. Relax and dare to speak up if you find something funny.

For some reason, many women believe that they have to behave nobly and refrain from laughing when they are with a guy.

But that is not true. Not at all.

Women who can be silly and like to laugh clearly show us men that we can also be quite relaxed.

And if you manage to make a man laugh, his attention is all yours.

You are also welcome to take yourself for a ride.

At the same time, it shows that you are at peace with yourself and don’t make a mountain out of every molehill.

However, make sure you don’t put yourself down – “Oh, I’m so stupid” – and generally stay positive!

  1. you have a hobby that you love

It doesn’t really matter what your hobby is.

As long as you have something in your life that requires your full concentration and really means a lot to you.

Because then you will take the necessary time for it all by yourself and you will be unavailable for a certain period of time without playing games.

Women who are passionate about something are usually often passionate about other things too….

Extremely attractive…

And in doing so, you also show that you can live your life quite well without a man.

5. you are not perfect

No matter how hard you try... you won’t be perfect.

Everyone has weaknesses. So stand by them.

A spasmodic overacting not only makes you look unnatural, but also unapproachable and inauthentic.

And between you and me… human flaws just make you cuter. He certainly has a few.

6. you are at peace with yourself

Self-confidence and a positive attitude are simply attractive.

If you know what you want, then you will automatically project that outwards and the male world will notice that.

Just be yourself, own your mistakes and relax.

But that doesn’t mean you should stop working on yourself from now on and let yourself go completely.


Be aware of the effect you have on others and what you can achieve with it.

7. you have a positive charisma

This follows on from the previous pointBe optimistic, friendly and open-minded and men will chase you.

Cheerful and good-humoured women show that they are at peace with themselves and have life fully under control.

You also convey that you can be really happy without a man and take the burden of being responsible for your happiness off his shoulders.


In conclusion, the basics should not be forgotten….

You are a beautiful woman and you should show it.

Wear dresses and clothes that accentuate your curves – if you feel comfortable in them.

Make sure you have a well-groomed appearance. Dirty fingernails, blemished skin and unkempt hair are an absolute no-go.

But the most important rule of thumb is: You have to feel comfortable.

Unfortunately, the hottest dress won’t do you any good if men notice that you’re constantly moving around every corner and don’t really feel comfortable.

So, remember.

Men prefer simplicity in life and nothing that makes their everyday life more difficult.

Try to be the missing icing on the cake for a man and stay true to your feelings and principles.

When you feel comfortable in your own skin, men will no longer be able to resist you.



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